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Almost 400 exhibitors on RemaDays
4th edition of RemaDays gathers record-breaking number of 390 exhibitors from advertising branch. The most important fields being showed are: Prmotional Products , Imrinting and Large Format Printing, Machines and Outdoor. Such an increase in number of exhibitors results from excellent opinions coming from previous editions.
In Expo XXI Centre not a single meter was left free including first floor, the main hall and a tent located in front of the main entrance where vistors' registartion office and a few exhibitors' stands are found.
Slawomir Giefing is strongly convinced that this wide range of offers being present on the show is the main factor deciding about visitors' satisfaction. Visitors are longing for to find all solutions for advertising in one place and one time - RemaDays is the right choice.
IV edition of International Days of Advertising RemaDays takes place February, 6-8, 2008 in EXPO XXI Warsaw International Expocentre, Pradzynskiego Street 12/14
During three days on the total exhibition space of 11 000 squared meters meets about 10 000 experts from advertising branch.
4th edition of RemaDays will be record-breaking in every respect:
Record-breaking number of exhibitors:
350 contracts with exhibitors have been signed already. Up to now, neither of any other advertising trade fairs in Poland have managed to reach such a good result. RemaDays is the only chance to meet all important professionals and key players from Poland. During RemaDays you have the opportunity to be familiarized comprehensively with wide range of offers from outdoor, print technology and promotional products areas.
Record-breaking exhibition space:
RemaDays is still developing rapidly. In this year, considering great increase in number of exhibitors, stands are going to be built on the first floor. Thanks to this solution total exhibition space was enlarged by additional 800 square meters.We plan to expand considerably exhibition area for the next, 5th edition of RemaDays in 2009 by 5 000 square meters. It will be done thanks to one extra hall being under construction right now which is going to be finished by August 2008. Additional floor area give more chances for each sector of advertising branch being showed widely. It will be possible to create separated areas for companies presenting offers falling into following categories Out&InDoorDays, TechnologyDays, GiftDays.
TechnologyDays and Out&InDoorDays on RemaDays:
More than 100 companies presenting outdoor and technology solutions take part in 4th edition of RemaDays. Over 90 contracts was signed till October 25. Considering such an increase in number of exhibitors in this sector, RemaDays can be compared to Euro-Reklama fair. Dynamic growth of exhibitors from outdoor and technology areas make them relevant and essential part of RemaDays near promotional products.
The synergy effect:
More than 80 per cent of visitors expect their visit on the show give them opportunities of being familiarized with offers from different sectors. Representatives from advertising agencies along with end customers from marketing department look for variety of solutions which are distanced from each other such as large format printing, promotional products or inflatable products. Advertising market is developing rapidly and advertising agencies search for new possibilities of expanding and differentiating their offer. RemaDays is a chance for getting relevant news about offers from advertising branch. Separating branches are not competing with one another for attention from advertising agencies but rather thanks to the synergy effect variety of offers presented on the show attract each year the highest number of visitors in Poland.
RemaDays in media:
4th edition of RemaDays apart from methods of promotion having been conducted are going to be promoted also by Onet.pl, TVN24 channel and billboards. As the fair organized by us has been an important event in our market for 3 years and permanently was written into calendar of trade fair events additional promotion in media allow us fo sure to achieve results we are expecting and the record for RemaDays will have been broken again.
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